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A complete portfolio of Danu’s Work

Having loved, tried, and succeeded on all forms of media, Danu’s impressive list of work is listed below


Having started out from the scratch in the radio industry at the age of 16, Danu has come far and wide

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Print Media

Danu hosts multiple newspaper columns to give you the best entertainment news

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The TV combines Danu’s love of performing with the visual medium to give you shows such as Planet Pulse

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Danu has been an active theater performer from his school days with numerous titles under his name and his continues his journey with performances like “Playing Doctor”

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Danu loves working in front of a camera and the internet gives his audience quick and easy access to his work. As such, Danu is pioneering Sri Lanka’s web series medium with his ground breaking work

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Never at a loss for words, Danu’s professionalism and his ability to get maximum audience participation has made him one of the best names in the industry

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