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Fashionably, Danu Featuring - ALTER • Ego

Feb 14, 2018

Today I feature a brand that’s truly lankan, its easy on the body and light to the touch, I have always been a big fan of short sleeve shirts although my arms are far from being flattering, as you know, the black sheep of the shirt family. “The short sleeve shirt” is looked upon by some with a certain amount of caution and, at times, even dislike. It is also associated with the uniform of a school kid,  but this can be a fashion statement in our hot county. Their long sleeve look has a sharp “comfyness”.

This online shopping men's designer brand is a must try if you want to breath and feel free, they have limited pieces per design, you can message them on Facebook , Instagram DM or simply e-mail on


I spoke to the designer who created the pieces Malisha Nicoli on her design journey: