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The man behind the name About Danu

Where Danu comes from, what he does, the things he loves, and Where To Find Danu


The life and work of Danu Innasithamby

““It’s not work if it’s what you want to do anyway…””

Originally hailing from Jaffna, Danu made the move to Colombo at a young age with his mother and sister to escape the ravages of the war. Danu went on to start his illustrious career at the age of 16 working for Sun FM and Gold FM, before moving on to E FM and then to host ‘Planet Pulse’ for MTV. Since then, he has done a multitude of work for the media industry of Sri Lanka, touching all the bases including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. In addition, he conducts his own shows such as Where To Find (WTF), newspaper columns such as Buzz With Danu, a morning radio show on Lite FM, and a web series call Jaffna Boy, among other prolific ventures. Welcome to the diverse and varied world of the talented Danu Innasithamby.


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